The Secret Behind Achieving a “Natural Look”

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The Secret Behind Achieving a “Natural Look”

Contrary to popular belief, Natural Result in Breast Augmentation Surgery is achievable with both Round as well as Teardrop Shaped Implants. What is The Secret You May Ask? Well, the Thinking behind it is very similar to when you go shoe shopping! You wouldn’t buy a pair of shoes that are too big or small, too tight or wide for your feet. You Prefer a pair in the right Size, Shape and Width, A shoe that fits your foot perfectly or as close to perfect as possible! When it comes to Breast Implant Surgery, similar to Shoe Sizing, a Bespoke Treatment Plan with the Right Implant Shape, Size, Profile and Placement based on Your Indications are Vital in Achieving a Natural Results or the Perfect Fit.

Achieving a natural-looking breast appearance is as much an art as it is a science, I am a firm believer that the goal with Breast Augmentation Surgery or any other type of Breast Surgery for that matter, should be creating proportion between chest area and rest of the body. Many times, choosing too small implants can be as unnatural as having large implants. Creating proportion Should Be the main objective when it Comes to a “Natural Look”.

There is no set method in achieving natural-looking results, Instead the treatment plan should be personalised for each patient as every individual is different in terms of anatomy, lifestyle and preference.

During consultation I examine my patients and take necessary breast measurements, and based on these I recommend a size range and profile that fits the patient’s anatomy and would provide natural results.

Bespoke Treatment Plan

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I evaluate the following factors when Creating a Bespoke Treatment Plan:

  • Patient’s height, width of shoulders & hips, ribcage, chest anatomy and measurements
  • Patient’s desired upper breast tissue fullness and overall look
  • Amount and distribution of breast tissue, i.e. more lower breast tissue or equally distributed
  • Suitable placement for the implants, i.e., Submuscular, Subglandular, Subfascial or Dual plane
  • Elasticity of breast tissue and skin
  • Implant size

I also encourage all my patients to try various implant profiles within the size range I recommend, in a non-padded bra, in front of a mirror, I guide them through and show them the type of outcome to expect with each profile. If I believe that a shape, size or a profile does not fit their frame, I let them know and explain why. Ultimately, patients will have the final say in choosing an implant size and profile, unless what they opt for is too big for their frame and would increase the risk of complications in short- or long-term, that is when I intervene and sometimes reject a patient, as I know that she will damage her body by opting for a large size or a certain implant profile.

Honest Advice, Even If it’s Not What You Want To hear

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Normally all patients I consult appreciate my honesty and guidance regarding breast implants. However, if following consultation, I notice that a patient is unsure of or disagrees with my recommendation in terms of implant size, profile and placement, I advise them to consult one or two other experienced plastic surgeons prior to making a decision. It is always good to compare different opinions and see which one you feel good with. However, you should be cautious of plastic surgeons who prefer to use a single type of implant shape or profile regardless of suitability or those who agrees with everything you say and want, without considering your indications. Instead you would want someone who’d discuss all available options with you and explains why he or she recommends an option or implant type or profile for you. The ultimate goal with Natural Look Breast Augmentation is to achieve a natural outcome with minimal risk of complications.

A Long-Term Life Decision…

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It is important to keep in mind that Breast Implant selection is a long-term life decision, you are not looking for short-term satisfaction, instead you should consider your lifestyle and think about how your breasts will look in the future, as much as how they will look in the first year after surgery and select a size, shape and profile, that would provide you with long-term satisfaction. This decision can be overwhelming for many patients, and ultimately it is your choice, but remember that your surgeon is there to guide you through this process and help you make the right decision.

The Importance of A Thorough Consultation

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For A Bespoke Treatment Plan, a thorough, in person consultation with a skilled plastic surgeon is vital. It’s during this meeting that you can discuss your goals with wanting surgery, and what your preferences are in terms of “Look”. It is paramount that you take your time when researching plastic surgeons, one of the most important considerations a patient should have, is choosing a plastic surgeon who is skilled, honest, and who will discuss all aspects of the procedure, including surgery and implant associated risks and complications, in detail and who provides realistic expectations of the outcome. As a doctor, it’s important to take the time to fully understand patients’ expectations and goals with the surgery. I believe Honest and Open, two-way communication, is the key in Achieving a Successful Outcome!

At Allen Rezai MD, All Procedures Are Tailored To Your Needs.