Fees & Offers


As you may already be aware, the price for a surgical procedure is determined by the type and extent of the surgery. Every individual that walks through our doors, is unique, with different anatomy, lifestyle and needs and their treatment plan is tailored to meet their needs. That is why we can only provide you with an accurate quote, after you have had a consultation with Mr Allen Rezai.

Having said that, we are able to provide you with Guide Prices, it should be noted however, that this is not a final sum of what will be charged. Following your consultation with Mr Rezai, you will be informed of the fee or fees for the various treatment options you have. The fee normally includes surgeon fees, anaesthetic fees, hospital fees and where applicable, implants and or devices as required, as well as routine post-operative care and visits and any extra fees you may incur (e.g. laboratory or blood test fees).

There are no hidden costs – the fee quoted after your consultation, is the total sum for your surgery.

In terms of prices for Non-surgical procedures, again an accurate quote for a bespoke treatment plan for you, can only be provided after your consultation with Mr Rezai. However, we are able to give you our standard fees charged per treatment, for example for dermal filler treatments, fees are calculated based on type of filler and number of syringes used, for Botox, the fee is charged per area and for PRP treatment, fee is charged per session and for some procedures, discounted packages are available.

To enquire about our guide prices for any of our Surgical or Non-Surgical procedures or to book a Consultation with Mr Rezai, please Call +44 207580 8001 or email us, and we would be happy to assist you.


We understand that sometimes it is preferred to spread the cost of the procedure, and to make this possible for our patients, we offer Finance through Omni Capital Retail Finance Limited.

Find out more about our 0% Finance and other Finance options, on our dedicated Finance Page.


One of the most important and crucial steps when considering a surgical or non-surgical procedure is the initial consultation. The Consultation will enable you to meet with Mr Allen Rezai and discuss your concerns with him. He will be able to examine you, discuss your general medical state, and provide you with various treatment options that would help you achieve your goals. He will also discuss all aspects of the proposed treatment options, including the pros and cons, outcomes, recovery and possible side effects with you at length. The consultation also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

The aim is always for our patients to leave their consultation with an enhanced understanding of their situation and the treatment options available to them. If Mr Rezai believes that a surgery or a procedure will not benefit a patient, he will turn down the patient and explain the reasons why.

The fee for the consultation with Mr Rezai is due at the time of booking your appointment. It includes a complimentary second consultation within six months.

The consultation fee for a Non-surgical procedure is also due at the time of booking your appointment and it’s redeemable against cost of the procedure should you choose to proceed with treatment on the same day, subject to having the right indications for the treatment.

To book a Consultation with Mr Rezai, please Call +44 207580 8001 or email us, and we would be happy to assist you.

Offer & Promotions

From time to time, we may have Offer and Promotions on certain Procedures. To enquire about our Current Promotions, please Call +44 207580 8001 or email us, and we would be happy to assist you.

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