Tuberous Breast Correction

Tuberous breast, also known as Tubular breast,is a constricted tube-shaped breast that is caused by tight bands beneath the skin that prevent the breast glands from growing to a normal breast shape. This condition is the most common congenital breast shape deformity among women and can range widely in severity, presenting many different symptoms for patients.

Various surgical techniques can be applied depending on the extent of the severity.  Many women, who might have gone through life suffering the psychological traumas of inadequacy and lack of confidence due to this condition, are able to receive treatment, and go about their daily routines in a new happier way and live life to the full, thanks to the increasing awareness about this condition, especially amongst General Practitioners and family doctors who typically are the first point of contact for patients suffering from tuberous breast deformity.

Tuberous Breast deformity causes abnormalities of breast volume, volume distribution, breast shape and the size and shape of the nipple-areola complex. Tuberous breasts become noticeable at the time of puberty and breast development. The result is a tight, constricted breast, shaped somewhat like a tube. Often the breasts will have a pointy shape, rather than a nice round base. The level of the inframammary fold is high, and the nipple areola is usually herniated and quite bulgy and large. The breasts can be very different in size and shape.

Many women with mild tuberous breast may not be aware of having this condition whereas moderate to severe types can put enormous psychological strain on the sufferer from an early age. The exact cause of tuberous breast deformity is unknown but thought to affect up to 5% of patients seeking breast augmentation.


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