Nose Jobs Proliferate Amongst the Stars but Choosing the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon is the Key to Success

Nose Jobs Proliferate Amongst the Stars but Choosing the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon is the Key to Success

With news of nose surgery amongst the stars reaching almost epidemic proportions in recent weeks, the complexity of this frequently performed operation where the smallest of changes can result in a radically different facial appearance should not be overlooked. Rhinoplasty techniques vary and the choice of surgeon is paramount.

Rhinoplasty surgery (commonly known in the media as a nose job) is one of the most frequently requested cosmetic surgery procedures. But how is it performed, what choices are available and, most importantly, which rhinoplasty surgeon is best for you? Dr Allen Rezai, pre-eminent consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon of Harley Street, London, and an expert rhinoplasty surgeon, sheds some light on this operation and discusses the available options.

Dr Rezai explains: “There are basically two varieties of this procedure, known as Open Rhinoplasty and Closed Rhinoplasty, and the selection of which method should be used is for some patients a major issue. Open Rhinoplasty involves making a small incision externally at the base of the nose, whilst the Closed variety involves any number of incisions concealed within the nostrils. There is frequently an element of fear about the Open Rhinoplasty incision and whether or not it will be noticeable. Patients might even have seen examples of excessively visible scars from an Open Rhinoplasty. The fact is however that over-visible scars can indeed result when poor technique is used. Some Rhinoplasty surgeons are more experienced and proficient in one technique than the other, and some are equally experienced and proficient in both. So what should be uppermost in a patient’s mind is not so much the technique that will be employed, rather the experience and proficiency of the individual plastic surgeon in obtaining the desired result.”

Dr Rezai elaborates further concerning the two types of Rhinoplasty: “The first thing to know is that access to the nose provided by the Open technique is far superior to that available in a Closed Rhinoplasty, therefore diagnosis and treatment of problems involving the tip of the nose can be more accurate. Closed Rhinoplasty, which might be excellent for removing a bump on the bridge of the nose, does not allow the surgeon to see the cartilages of the nose tip nearly as well, so it is much more difficult to achieve symmetry in the tip, which in the long term can result in more problems.

The Open Rhinoplasty method in fact facilitates several different techniques that enable a surgeon to reliably shorten the nose tip resulting in a smaller nose. This is much more difficult to achieve using Closed Rhinoplasty. Indeed work on the nose tip, bridge, and septum can all be accomplished in Open Rhinoplasty through the same external incision.

Since the risk of visible scarring is one of the reasons why some patients request Closed Rhinoplasty, it should also be mentioned that the incisions made by this technique can in theory also pose healing problems. Some of these incisions are made near the narrowest part of the nasal airway, so even a small quantity of excess scar tissue could seriously compromise breathing. However in reality a highly experienced surgeon will produce results with no visible scarring or scars well concealed within the nasal folds.”

One slight disadvantage to Open Rhinoplasty,” concludes Dr Rezai, “is that the operation will take somewhat longer. But every surgical technique has its advantages and disadvantages. Patients should not be over-concerned as to whether their preferred surgeon suggests an Open Rhinoplasty or a Closed Rhinoplasty. What is more important is the outcome of the procedure and that your surgeon can achieve exactly what is right in your particular circumstances.”

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