Nipple Surgery

Inverted nipple correction surgery is a modest surgical treatment suitable for women and men who suffer from overturned nipples. Almost 10% of the UK people is to some degree affected by inverted nipples which makes inverted nipple surgery a very common cosmetic procedure at our clinic in Harley street London & in Sheffield. Nipples correction surgery is a quick procedure which is done under local anesthetic.

More than 1.5 million women in the UK suffer the discomfort of inverted nipples – caused by the pull of connective tissue behind the nipple forcing it inwards, instead of naturally protruding outwards. Not only is it embarrassing but in more extreme cases inverted nipples can affect your ability to breastfeed. Up to 10-20% of all women suffer from inverted nipples to some degree, and some find it occurs after rapid major weight loss.

But Mr. Allen Rezai at his clinic in Harley street can perform inverted nipple correction surgery, often under local anaesthetic and as a day case. It is one of the many breast surgeries that our world-renowned surgeon, Dr Allen Rezai has vast experience in. From first consultation to the follow-up care, you will receive excellent advice and enjoy the very best care.

For more information simply pick up the phone and call us today on 020 7580 8001. Our trained team of experts can talk to you, send you the relevant literature and book a consultation with a breast specialist. If you want to find out more about this or any other breast surgery, we are here to help.

Nipple Reduction

Nipple and Areola Reduction operations are simple procedure that effectively reduces the size and changes the shape of one or both of your nipples. This surgery can be done under local anaesthesia. However, it is often performed alongside other surgeries such as breast reduction, breast lift, breast augmentation or mummy makeovers.

Nipple Reduction – Women:

Statistics show that one in ten women in the UK suffer from nipple-related conditions and abnormalities where the nipples are irregular or enlarged, often protruding through clothing. This may lead to pain and irritation and is commonly known as ‘Jogger’s Nipple’. Nipple scope and presence can also be affected by weight loss or gain.

Many women have to take this surgery after variations into the breast & nipple during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Pregnancy can be reason of changes in the breasts, and often times will stretch out the areola, producing a larger nipple than before. Breastfeeding can also cause unwanted changes to the nipple, both problems which can be fixed with a Nipple Reduction surgery.

Areolas, the darker skin surrounding the nipple, are often too large or do not match, either since puberty, or as the result of previous surgery.

Nipple Reduction – Men:

Many men suffer from a condition referred to as ‘Puffy Nipple’, (a part of the condition Gynecomastia, or enlarged male breasts) which is caused by an excess of breast tissue or enlarged breast glands under the nipple/areola, pushing the nipple outwards into a cone shape. This can create a level of self-consciousness, especially when wearing t-shirts, when swimming or when doing activities that require a bare chest etc.

Statistics show that up to 60% of men worldwide, and between 30%-60% of male adolescents, will suffer from Gynecomastia at some point in their lifetime. It’s most common for teens between age 13-17 and for males over 60 years old. Changes in weight can also affect the nipple. Many men choose to have this surgery in order to feel more confident in their physical appearance, and it can have a psychological boost as well.

Areola or Nipple Reduction is an excellent choice for any man or woman who is unhappy with the shape or size of their nipple. Many people also choose to have the surgery in order to have more symmetrical areolas in cases where one nipple is larger than the other.

Nipple Reduction can reduce the height and width of the nipple, reshaping it into a desirable form, while preserving sensation. It can be carried out on its own under local anaesthesia or in combination with other procedures under general anaesthesia. During your initial consultation with our skilled surgeons, you will be able to communicate your aesthetic concerns and go over the different surgical options available to you.

Your surgeon will explain the procedure to you and show you where to expect scarring. We offer an exceptional Scar Management Programme, our approach being to manage scars before they become a problem, so you can enjoy your results without the worry of major scarring in the future. When the nipple is a different colour than the skin surrounding it, often the scar will blend in and appear more natural. Our highly skilled surgeons will also focus on retaining the connections between the breast tissue and the skin, to preserve the ability to breastfeed.

Recovery from Nipple Reduction surgery is quick with very little disruption to your normal routine. You may experience some bruising and swelling in the area operated on, however this will usually fade in a couple of days. Our surgeons use very fine stiches that will dissolve and fall out naturally over the course of a week or so. This procedure is not particularly painful, and the pain can be managed with over the counter painkillers, such as paracetamol and anti-inflammatory medicine.

During the healing and recovery process, you should be able to return to your normal daily activities just a few days following your surgery, depending on your tolerance of the swelling. We recommend avoiding any strenuous activities, or heavy lifting, for at least 2 weeks following the surgery. Wearing a good support bra for the weeks following the surgery is also recommended.

You will be able to see your final results and the shape of the nipple and areola within 2-3 months of the procedure, once the areola has settled into its new form and the scar has settled.

Whatever your requirements,  Mr Rezai will fully discuss every aspect of your aesthetic goals and address any concerns you may have about your nipple surgery and techniques for your treatment at our state-of-the-art facility in order to achieve your desired aesthetic and a better proportioned nipple.