Other Implant Related Complications

Breast Revision Implants Surgery London

As with any type of surgery, there are complications that may occur following a Breast augmentation or Breast Implant Surgery. It’s very important, that when considering breast implant surgery, you discuss these possible complications with your surgeon. Whilst some issues that lead to occurrence of these complications can be beyond the control of you or your surgeon, the risks can be reduced if you choose a skilled and experienced surgeon who prioritises your wellbeing rather than agreeing with everything you ask for (for example large implants that are not right for your frame), even though he knows that this would cause issues for you in the future.

Many times, correct and suitable implant selection based on patient’s height, width of shoulders and hips, chest anatomy, chest measurements and thickness of breast tissue will minimise the risks and complications. Another important factor that will reduce the risks, is to carefully adhere to your surgeon’s pre and post-surgery instructions. Prevention is always better than Cure…

Before & After Photos

To view  before and after photos, please refer to the gallery page: Breast Implant Revision Before and After

Here we share with you some of the implant associated complications that although rare, may occur following Breast Implant Surgery.

Wrinkles & rippling
Leakage & rupture
Bottoming out
Double bubble
High riding
Symmastia (Uniboob)