Vaser Liposuction & 3D Body Contouring

Liposuction has for long been one of the most popular procedures in cosmetic surgery. It belongs to the group of body-contouring procedures, which also includes tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), Skin-Tightening procedures (arm, thigh and buttock lifts) and Muscle enhancing procedures (calf, buttock and pectoral implants, and abdominal six-pack etching).
In the early days of liposuction fat removal, surgery was performed with large-bore cannulae, and such early procedures were often less than ideal, being fraught with irregularities such as asymmetrical results, blood loss and sometimes infection. Since then, techniques have developed rapidly to the point where surgeries have become not only safer and more effective but also less costly.

Traditional & high definition liposuction techniques
About fat
Ideal candidates for liposuction
What to consider at this stage
Liposuction - the procedure
Following the operation
Risks & complications
Liposuction - the result

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