Chin Augmentation

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The chin provides harmony and character to the face. A strong, well-defined chin adds proportion, creates symmetry and provides balance to other facial features. A small or weak chin can make the neck appear undefined as well as give the lower face a “pouty” expression. It also accentuates the size of a normal nose and makes a large nose seem especially big in the profile view.

Chin augmentation, also known as chin implant surgery, involves inserting an artificial implant to balance the overall shape of the face for people with a “weak chin”. It can be combined with a face lift, nose reshaping surgery or any other surgical procedure for the face to achieve a better facial balance.

A chin implant enhances the contours, creates a more pleasant facial expression, lengthens the neck and results in a more defined and sculpted jawline. Chin implants come in various shapes and sizes and may be used alone or in combination with other facial procedures to provide symmetry and to create a balanced face. Once healed, the implant becomes attached to the jawbone and it cannot be moved, felt or dislodged by physical contact, sports or facial expressions.

Genioplasty, or surgical reshaping of the jawbone is also another option to improve a recessed chin, however, it is a more complex procedure which is mainly used in reconstructive surgery for correction of deformities or in cases of severe receding chin which are not suitable for chin augmentation with use of chin implants.

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