Brow Lift

With age, the combined effects of gravity, muscles deterioration, and loss of elasticity become more apparent. It is not uncommon for the skin above our eyes to start to droop, causing what is often referred to as the hood effect, and this make eyes look tired and the face look old. Brow lift surgery, also referred to as Forehead Lift, is a simple procedure carried out to lift the area directly above the eye, opening up the eye area and making the face look younger. It can be performed alone, but is frequently combined with other treatments such a Facelift and/or Blepharoplasty.

Types of Brow Lift surgery

There are two types of brow lift surgery traditional open / coronal brow lift and endoscopic brow lift. The traditional brow lift procedure requires large incisions behind the hairline.  Endoscopic brow lift surgery avoids the need for such incisions by employing small probes with cameras at the tip that permit the surgeon to see inside the body. This procedure is particularly effective with younger patients where it is not necessary to remove any excess skin. Since the endoscopic brow lift can effectively reduce frown lines between the eyes, the procedure is often carried out in conjunction with surgery to the upper eyelid, in this way achieving the very best results. An endoscopic brow lift can produce the same results as a traditional lift but with fewer potential complications.

The technique suitable for you will depend on your skin type, the condition of your skin and where your hairline is.

Reasons for considering brow lift are
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