Lipoaugmentation Patient Information

Indications: Breast Cancer Surgery and Reconstruction

  • Correction of defects and asymmetry following wide local excision with or without radiotherapy
  • Improvement of soft tissue coverage following implant-based breast reconstruction
  • Augmentation of volume and refinement of autologous whole breast reconstruction
  • Stimulation of neo-vascularisation of chronically ischemic irradiated tissue
  • Replacement of implants in unsatisfactory breast reconstruction where a flap is combined with an implant

Indications: Congenital and Acquired Abnormalities

  • Secondary correction of localized contour defects or volume asymmetry
  • Correction of chest wall abnormalities including Pectus excavatum and Poland’s syndrome in males
  • Correction of congenital breast abnormalities including female Poland’s syndrome, tuberous breasts and developmental asymmetry
  • Correction of contour irregularities after sub optimal surgical treatment of gynaecomastia

Indications: Aesthetic and Cosmetic Enhancement

  • Correction of contour or volume problems after breast reduction or mastopexy
  • Camouflage of implant rippling after prosthetic breast augmentation
  • Aesthetic breast enhancement with fat transfer
  • Replacement of volume after removal of implants inserted for aesthetic breast augmentation
  • To disguise capsular contracture