What is Silicone?

So what exactly is silicone?

In fact silicones are man-made molecules (known as polymers) that are widely used in numerous skin and hair products such as lipsticks, suntan creams and deodorants. They are also used in processed food and food packaging, most baby foods, many medicines, syringes, heart valves and most other types of medical implants. Consequently, every day:

  • We absorb silicone into our body through our skin
  • We ingest silicone in our food
  • We feed silicone to our children
  • We may even inject silicone directly into our blood stream

Cohesive Silicone

Cohesive silicone implants have a very long history of reliability, with literally hundreds of thousands of women world-wide having had them in place for many years with no problems whatsoever. In addition, implants in cohesive silicone are widely considered to be the most natural feeling implant.

In recent years, more than 85% of ALL breast implants inserted in the UK have been of the silicone variety, 97% of which having textured shells.

Solid Cohesive Silicone Gel

In this silicone implant, the gel is of an almost solid consistency. It is only available with a textured silicone shell. The extra firmness allows the implant to be manufactured with a ‘tear-drop’ shape and this implant type is often associated with producing a much firmer consistency or feel.