Mentor Memory Gel™ Implants

Mr Rezai is one of the leading breast surgery specialists in the UK. He always strives to use only the high quality breast implants which is why he offers his patients a choice of Mentor Memory Gel™  and  Allergan Natrelle™ Breast implants.

Why Choose Mentor Breast Implants?

  • All of Mentor’s gel implants use Memory Gel™  that is cohesive, safe, and aesthetically pleasing.
  • By varying the components of the Memory Gel™, Mentor is able to produce a wide selection of products ranging from very soft to very firm.
  • All  Mentor’s gels are cohesive polymers, not liquids.  Although soft and fluid feeling, the gel acts as a unit. Mentor Memory Gels™  hold together uniformly, while retaining the natural “give” that resembles breast tissue
  • 5 projections, 3 gel firmness types, smooth or textured (SILTEX™) surface
  • Natural “anatomical” shape option or traditional round shape
  • The implants are FDA approved and CE marked
  • Mentor offers LIFETIME IMPLANT REPLACEMENT WARRANTY on all its implants

Mentor Memory Gel™ Cohesion Levels and Shapes

There are 3 Cohesion Levels:
Cohesive I™ – The standard cohesive level gel used in Mentor’s implants. This is Mentor’s softest gel and comes in textured and smooth Round Low,  Moderate, Moderate Plus, High and Ultra High Profile breast implants.

Cohesive II™ – A slightly firmer gel for a more Natural Feel. This gel is used in textured Round Moderate, Moderate Plus and High Profile  breast implants.

Cohesive III™ – Mentor’s most cohesive gel, providing shape retention with a pleasing level of firmness for optimal aesthetic results. This gel is used in Mentor’s Contour Profile® Gel implant Family (anatomical / tear droped implant)

Mentor Round Gel Breast Implants:

  • Available in a wide variety of sizes to accomodate various body types.
  • Come in 5 diffrent Profiles: Low,  Moderate, Moderate Plus, High and Ultra High Profile
  • Avaialable in two different cohesion levels: Cohesive I and Cohesive II
  • Come in Smooth and SILTEX™ textured.

Contour Profile Gel™ (CPG) Breast Implants:

  • These implants feature an anatomic shape that closely resembles the outline of a natural breast.
  • This style is often preferred by women looking for a gently sloping breast silhouette
  • All CPG™ implants feature Cohesive III gel, providing the optimal stability for aesthetic results

Lifetime Implant Replacement

  • Automatic enrolment on the PatientSafe Coverage limited warranty
  • Lifetime implant replacement in case of confirmed rupture due to loss of shell and valve integrity.
  • In the case of confirmed rupture,  up to €1000 of financial assistance, for a period of 10 years from the date of its implantation.
  • Free implant replacement in the case of confirmed capsular contracture Baker grade III and IV in augmentation surgery, for a period of 10 years from the date of its implantation.
  • For Full details about the lifetime implant replacement warranty from Mentor, please Click here.

Mentor breast implants are available in Round and Anatomical shapes, sizes up to 800cc with both smooth and textured shells (SILTEX™) and a choice of 3 Gel Cohesion. The combination of the right size, shape, style, texture and projection (the distance your breast implants extend outward from the chest) is important in delivering the right result.

You may be surprised to see that a smaller implant, but correctly shaped, will give a more flattering result than just going for size alone. Again, the right choices based on your current dimensions and personal breast requirements will deliver the best possible result. Mr Rezai will advise on this in your consultation.

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