Choosing Mr Rezai for your Breast Surgery

Breast surgery is one of Mr Rezai’s specialities. He has performed literally thousands of breast enlargement procedures. You will have your consultation with him and he will perform your operation. You will be offered LIFETIME AFTER CARE and he only usees the best quality implants available.

Meeting up with a consultant plastic surgeon before you actually decide to undergo surgery is the preferred route for many reasons, not least amongst which is that you can avoid having any unrealistic expectations of the outcome of your operation.

At Mr Rezai’s practice you will have your initial consultation with Mr Rezai himself and not with a co-ordinator or a sales advisor. You’re welcome to return  for additional consultations at no further cost.

A consultation with Mr Rezai…

At your first meeting with Mr Rezai you will be able to:

  • Discuss your needs and wishes in absolute detail
  • Decide whether the operation you are considering is right for you
  • Learn from Mr Rezai what is achievable and, importantly, not achievable for you depending upon your precise circumstances. i.e. the likely outcome of your operation
  • Discuss any concerns you might have about your operation
  • View before and after photographs of patients who have undergone a similar procedure
  • Discuss the potential for any side-effects or complications related to your procedure
  • Learn how you will need to prepare for your operation and what will happen afterwards
  • Form an opinion as to whether Mr Rezai is the right surgeon for you (the importance of feeling comfortable with your surgeon should not be overlooked)
  • With many pre-operative consultations, a second meeting will ensure you and the surgeon have similar aims and expectations and you are fully aware of the implications of surgery. There is no charge for  further pre-operative consultations and it is another opportunity to ask any questions you may have forgotten at the first meeting.

Never forget that choosing the right surgeon for your procedure is one of the most important decisions you will need to make… possibly in your life!

Mr Rezai and his team look forward to welcoming you.