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In Breast Uplift with Implants also known as Breast Lift with Enlargement or, medically, as Augmented Mastopexy, excess skin is removed and implants are inserted in order to enhance, lift, reshape and firm your breasts, and hence produce a more youthful breast contour.

Why do breasts sag?

  • Loss of skin elasticity with age
  • The natural effects of gravity
  • Loss of breast volume following weight loss
  • Changes in breast size associated with pregnancy and breast-feeding

Who is suitable for breast uplift with implants?

  • Women who consider their breasts to be both too small and sagging

What to consider at this stage

It is important that before you see the surgeon, you consider what you are trying to achieve from your surgery.

In particular, you must decide how large you want your breasts to be. There are technical considerations for many women as to how large the surgeon can make any particular women’s breasts, and the aim should always be to create a sensible end result that is in harmony with the women’s figure and build.

The procedure for breast uplift with implant surgery

  • The operation is performed under general anaesthesia
  • It takes about sixty to ninety minutes
  • Most patients stay in hospital for one night
  • If you work is not physical, expect to return to work after one week
  • Expect to be back to normal physical exercise within four to six weeks

As with most surgical procedures, in Breast Uplift with Implant surgery there are many options, depending upon the patient’s wishes, technical considerations and surgeon preferences.

At consultation, Dr Rezai will advise upon the best option for you. However, basically there are three incision types:

  • Around the areolar
  • Around the areolar and vertical running from the areolar to the breast crease
  • Around the areolar and vertical running from the areolar to the breast crease then it continues horizontally along that crease.

The size and types of the breast implants will be discussed with you at consultation.

Nowadays, the choice of implant is really between cohesive silicone gel and saline. Following the UK Government Independent Review Group’s report on the safety of silicone breast implants, the great majority of surgeons and patients today choose silicone.

We advise that you visit the IRG’s web site at

Following the operation

As with all surgery, you must expect to feel bruised and sore. Your breasts are likely to be swollen. You may be asked to sleep on your back, and to avoid straining or bending for a few weeks. You may also have to wear a support bra. Most patients are able to fully resume normal activity within three to four weeks.

As with all scars, the scars will fade over a period of time. In many women, they heal to form very faint white lines. However, it is important to remember that no surgical scar ever totally disappears.

Risks & Complications

Cosmetic surgery is amongst the very safest of medical procedures. However, all patients must understand and accept that no surgical procedure is absolutely free from risk.

For further information concerning the risks and complications associated with Breast Uplift with Implants, please refer to Risks and Complications of Breast Uplift with Implants.

At Consultation, Dr Rezai will discuss these risks with you.

Breast Uplift with Implant surgery does not usually interfere with breast-feeding. It does have implications for mammography for screening for breast cancer. However, there are special X-rays that can be taken to avoid this problem.

How long will the results of your breast uplift with implants last?

For the great majority of women, the results last for very many years.

Factors that may reduce this period include:

  • Women who opt for larger implants
  • Women who gain significant amounts of weight following surgery
  • Women who become pregnant may get significantly larger breasts that sag again

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cosmetic surgery brochures
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