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Breast Reduction involves the surgical removal of breast tissue and skin in order to decrease the overall size of the breast in order to produce a more comfortable, youthful breast contour.

Why do women seek breast reduction?

Most women find large pendulous breasts embarassing and have difficulty in wearing clothes of their choice.  In addition to the aesthetic effects, large  breasts often interfere with social or sporting activities. In some patients, they also cause back or/and neck ache and may predispose the patient to arthritis in these areas. Further, many women suffer with repeated skin infections in the crease below the breast.

What to consider at this stage

It is important that before you see the surgeon, you consider what you are trying to achieve from your surgery. In particular, consider what size you would like to be. Generally, the more breast tissue that is removed, the less aesthetically pleasing is the final result.

You must also understand that Breast Reduction is a significant procedure.

The procedure for breast reduction surgery

  • The operation is performed under general anaesthetic
  • It takes about two hours
  • Patients stay in hospital for one night
  • If your work is not physical, expect to return to work after one to two weeks
  • Expect to be back to normal physical exercise within six to eight weeks

As with most surgical procedures, in Breast Reduction surgery  there are many options, depending upon the patient’s wishes, technical considerations and surgeon preferences.

At consultation, Mr Rezai will advise upon the best option for you. However, basically, the incision and hence scars run around the areola, then vertically down from the areola to the crease under the breast. In some cases, it continues horizontally along that crease.

However, there is an alternative suitable for some younger women, only requiring a moderate reduction in breast size. That is to remove the fatty tissue of the breasts via a modification of the liposculpture technique. Clearly, this avoids any of the significant scarring associated with breast reduction. Your suitability for this highly specialised new technique can only be fully assessed at consultation with your surgeon.

Following the operation

As with all surgery, you must expect to feel bruised and sore. Your breasts are likely to be swollen. You may be asked to sleep on your back, and to avoid straining or bending for a few weeks. You will also have to wear a support bra. Most patients are able to fully resume normal activity within four to six weeks.

Any sutures are removed after ten to fourteen days.

As with all scars, the scars will fade over a period of time. In many women, they heal to form very faint white lines. However, it is important to remember that no surgical scar ever totally disappears. Most women consider the scarring of breast reduction to be a more than acceptable trade-off for the significant advantages of not having their large heavy breasts.

Risks & Complications

Cosmetic surgery is amongst the very safest of medical procedures. However, all patients must understand and accept that no surgical procedure is absolutely free from risk. In particular, it is important for women requesting breast reduction to understand that very few women are able to breast feed following the surgery, as the milk ducts are separated from the breast tissue during the operation. In addition, there is a risk that the blood supply to the nipple may be compromised during the surgery. This means that the nipple may not survive. In any event, nipple sensation is frequently reduced post-operatively.

For further information concerning the risks and complications associated with Breast Reduction, please refer to Risks and Complications of Breast Reduction.

At Consultation, Mr Rezai will discuss these risks with you.

How long will the results of your breast reduction last?

Unless the operation is performed at a young age, it is very unlikely that your breasts will re-grow. Excessive weight gain or pregnancy will alter the breast shape as in any other women. Further, with age your breasts are likely to sag as normal.

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cosmetic surgery brochures
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