Allergan Natrelle™ Breast Implants

Mr Rezai is one of the leading breast surgery specialists in the UK. He always strives to use only the high quality breast implants which is why he offers his patients a choice of Mentor Memory Gel™  and  Allergan Natrelle™ Breast implants.

Why Choose Natrelle™ Breast Implants?

  • Natrelle™ TruForm™ gel is a specially-formulated premium quality gel used with Natrelle™ breast implants. This cohesive silicone gel does not spill or lose its shape in the unlikely event that the shell of the breast implant ruptures. That means that Natrelle™ breast implants offer the look and natural feel of silicone and lasting safety.
  • 4 projections, 4 TruForm gel types, smooth surface. Textured Surface is Currently Not available in Europe.
  • The implants are FDA approved and CE Marked.

Natrelle™ TruForm™ Gel Options and Implant Shapes

Natrelle™ TruForm™ comes in 4 gel options for the desired look and feel, from the softest formation to the firmest:

TruForm™ 1  is a traditional soft cohesive gel, formerly known as Responsive, featured on Natrelle™ INSPIRA, which is very responsive and moulds to the desired breast shape.

TruForm™ 2  is a form of stable cohesive silicone gel, formerly known as Soft Touch ™, which is ideal when a natural feel with added shape control is desired.

TruForm™ 3  is the original form stable cohesive gel, uniquely featured on Natrelle™ 410. Currently Not available in Europe. 

TruForm™ Dual Gel is an exclusive formulation combining two Form Stable gels, TruForm™ 3, and an even firmer cohesive gel on the anterior portion of Natrelle™ 510. (this type of gel is generally used in reconstructive surgery) Currently Not available in Europe. 

Round Shaped Natrelle™ Inspira Implants:

  • Available in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate various body types.
  • Come in 5 different Projections: Low, Low Plus, Moderate, Full and Extra Full Projection.
  • Available in two different Gel Options: TruForm 1 (Responsive)  & TruForm 2 (Soft Touch).
  • Currently Only Smooth Surface available in Europe.

 Anatomical Shaped Natrelle™ 410 Implants, Currently Not available in Europe.

  • Anatomical design provides a natural and proportionate breast shape
  • “Form Stable Gel” ensures predictable and long lasting shape
  • Available in two different Gel Options: TruForm 2 (soft Touch)  & TruForm 3 (Cohesive).
  • Come in 4 different Projections: Low, Moderate, Full and Extra Full Projection.

Lifetime Implant Replacement Warranty

  • Automatic enrollment on the Natrelle™Plus Program
  • Lifetime implant replacement cover for loss of shell integrity resulting in implant rupture
  • 10 years of guaranteed financial assistance  for up to GBP £700  towards operating room expenses, anaesthesia expenses, and surgical fees not covered by insurance.
  • For Full details about the lifetime implant replacement warranty from Natrelle, please Click here.

Natrelle™ breast implants are available in sizes up to 850cc with both smooth and textured shells and a choice of 4 gels. The combination of the right size, shape, style, texture and projection (the distance your breast implants extend outward from the chest) is important in delivering the right result.

You may be surprised to see that a smaller implant, but correctly shaped, will give a more flattering result than just going for size alone. Again, the right choices based on your current dimensions and personal breast requirements will deliver the best possible result. Mr Rezai will advise on this in your consultation.

To visit the Natrelle’s Website, Click Here.