Tuberous Breast Correction

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Breast or chest deformity is a condition that can put enormous psychological strain on  sufferers from an early age, and possessing tuberous breasts is a congenital deformity the exact cause of which is unknown but thought to affect up to 5% of patients seeking breast augmentation. However help is at hand in the form of various surgical procedures capable of correcting this condition and improving the lives and self-esteem of countless people.

Tuberous breasts, also known as tubular breasts, is a congenital abnormality that can affect either one or both breasts. It is one of the most common congenital breast shape deformities and can cause abnormalities of breast volume, volume distribution, breast shape and the size and shape of the nipple-areola complex. Tuberous breasts  becomes noticeable at the time of puberty and breast development.


Characteristics of Tuberous breasts are:

  • Narrow and elongated cylindrical shaped breast
  • Breast with abnormally constricted base with little or no breast tissue
  • Enlarged protruding and puffy nipple areola (pigmented area around the nipple) complex
  • Breasts being far apart resulting in unnaturally wide cleavage
  • Abnormally high inframammary fold (the crease where the breast joins the chest wall) resulting in droopy breast that looks long and constricted

Tuberous breast deformity was first described in the medical literature in 1976, following which a method of classification was developed by Grolleau comprising three grades depending upon which region of the breast is affected:

  • Grade I – generally a milder form with lower-inner quadrant breast constriction and some breast droop
  • Grade II – varying presentation with more lower pole constriction, breast hypoplasia, and areolar herniation
  • Grade III – the most severe form affecting the whole breast

To correct tuberous breasts, the degree of severity of the condition influences the type of treatment technique employed, but in general the treatment will:

  • widen the constricted base of the breast to a normal size
  • lower the infra-mammary fold
  • increase the skin envelope
  • increase the size of the breast
  • reduce the size of the nipple-areola complex
  • restore breast symmetry

The condition can also affect the ability of women to breastfeed, as in some cases the breasts, including the milk glands, will not have developed sufficiently to produce milk. However, the condition does not affect other aspects of fertility and pregnancy.


The surgical techniques employed in correcting tuberous breasts are those of reconstructive surgery and will depend upon both their suitability in individual cases and also the surgeon’s preferences. Either an implant or the patient’s own tissue may be used to provide the volume needed. While the use of breast implants is the more common approach, both perforator flaps comprising skin, fatty tissue and small blood vessels – typically the Abdominal flap known as DIEP flap and the upper back flap known as TAP Flap– and fat transfer methods can be used as an alternative to correct tuberous breast deformity. By using tissue belonging to the patient herself, many complications that can arise due to using breast implants can be avoided. However these procedures are longer in duration and have a longer recovery time, with additional scars at the donor site

There are various techniques used in tubular breast correction surgery, depending upon the type and severity of the condition. During consultation, Mr Rezai will assess your specific needs and will tailor your surgery to your individual clinical requirements.

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